Workability offers clinical training and has various training courses related to managing and reducing the risk of Absenteeism, Injury & Disability in the workplace. 

Clinical Training

As an expert in our field with a track record of more than 10-years in providing evidence and outcome based treatment services we offer training courses for Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists. The training courses include evidence-based treatment, Psycho-social assessments and intervention, functional capacity evaluations and work rehabilitation.  Our training programmes ensure that all our network practioners are up to date with the latest evidence and can offer assessments, treatment and rehabilitation in a consistent and quality assured manner. All our training courses have learning objectives with theoretical and practical tests to ensure knowledge and skills have been imbedded in day to day practice.  

Preventative Training & Workshops

These courses are targeted primarily at Employers and include some of the following;

  • GENERIC PREVENTATIVE WORKSHOPS: The aim of the preventative workshops is to provide knowledge in an interactive and dynamic environment. The workshops place emphasis on the individual taking responsibility for their physical well-being. Correct ergonomic principles are demonstrated with the use of everyday work props and participants are encouraged to practice the correct manual handling principles. Examples of such workshops include but are not limited to Back Care, Office Ergonomics, Work Related Upper Limb Disorders & Patient Handling.
  • JOB-SPECIFIC PREVENTATIVE WORKSHOPS: Should a job-specific Preventative Workshop be required, a workplace assessment is first conducted to enable the therapist to develop a clear and thorough understanding of the workplace and the job's occupational risks. It is ideal if the therapist takes photographs of the employees completing their jobs as these forms the basis of the interactive workshop.
  • DISABILITY AWARENESS WORKSHOPS: These workshops are tailored to the specific needs of Employers. The aim of the awareness workshops is de-stigmatization and/or to facilitate a better understanding of disability in the workplace to create a more comfortable working environment. Examples of such workshops may include but are not limited to Bipolar Disorder in the Workplace & Assisting a Colleague with Visual Impairment.

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