Workability Rehabilitation Units

Lindsay Scott established the first specialized return to work (RTW) Rehab Unit in Montague Gardens, Cape Town in 2003. The RTW Rehab Unit was established when it became apparent that traditional medical physiotherapy and occupational therapy were not catering for the full rehabilitation needs of patients' with work-related injuries. This view has been overwhelmingly supported in international research where functional restoration using a bio-psycho-social approach with work hardening activities achieves superior and more cost effective outcomes as compared to treatment as usual.  

The RTW Rehab Units are situated in industrial type warehouses that include traditional physiotherapy cubicles, hand treatment areas, lecture rooms for patient training and education, and areas designated for different types of exercise, functional rehabilitation and equipment for practical work simulation like lifting stations, sleds for pushing and pulling, scaffolding, wheelbarrows, sandpits and wheelchairs. We also introduced free transport to the Rehab Units from central points. This overcame the barrier to rehabilitation caused by the employees' lack of ability to travel or to access transport.

Over the last decade we develop operating and quality assurance procedures, manuals, methodology, systems and training to effectively set up and manage RTW rehab units. This intellectual property together with the phenomenal results we achieve and the increasing demand for effective RTW rehabilitation services has led us to open our second rehabilitation centre in March 2012 and we are now in the process of rolling out rehab centers in all the major hubs throughout South Africa.

We work in partnership with existing physiotherapy and OT practices by providing them with training, equipment, systems, methodology and an IT systems to effectively deliver RTW Rehab Services. We also set up on-site rehab units in companies where the need arises. 

Please contact us if you are a healthcare provider who wants to set up a rehab unit or interested in referring to our Rehab Units or want to set up a rehab facility on-site.


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