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Who Are We?

Workability is a business to business Healthcare Company who provides market leading disability, absence, IOD, return to work and managed care services to corporates, insurers, governmental funders and medical aids. Workability uses innovative technology and tested clinical systems to reduce sickness absence, manage claims and streamline the recovery and return to work process of injured employees for organizations throughout SA.

Workability was initially set up in 2003 as a specialist provider for the treatment and rehabilitation of injured workers focusing on those at high risk of long-term absence and disability. Workability started revolutionizing the RTW industry in the Western Cape by creating specialized work rehabilitation centers that actively address all barriers to achieve a sustainable return to work. Over the past 10-years, we have effectively developed our services to provide a complete disability, return to work and managed care solution. We have worked with more than 1000 companies to reduce sickness absence, claims and disability in the workplace.

What do we do?

We are a national provider of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy services who developed bespoke products for each market we operate in. This include quality managed assessment, treatment and rehabilitation services to reduce the cost of claims and disability for insurers and governmental funders, reduce sickness absence and IOD's for corporate clients and reduce the cost of treatment for medical aids.  All our products provide a significant return on investment and all our clients benefit from a single supplier whom can provide a consistent and quality managed national service.  We also offer Practice Management software and bridging finance to our network partners.

Clinical Excellence

Workability employs qualified, trained and experienced medical professionals and use cutting-edge technology, built on proven clinical guidelines and evidence-based practice to manage claims, sickness absence and disability. Our networks have access to ongoing training and support and through case coordination and our IT System we manage quality and consistency throughout South Africa.

Strategic Management Information

Through its revolutionary web-based IT System Workability is able to collect accurate and consistent data that is invaluable in identifying particular patterns of claims, absence, IOD's  and underlying causes. We provide unique reports to our clients, complete with trends analysis and strategic recommendations for addressing the underlying causes of claims, IOD's and absence.



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